With our profound technology know-how on mold structure and plastics feature, we are well equipped to manufacture tight tolerance injection molds for automotive components. We are committed to deliver high quality products for our customers in the Automotive industry. The products we manufacture range from decorated automotive components to reliable, high performance & durable engine parts.
We offer a wide range of services covering Design for Manufacturing (DFM) guideline in tooling and molding feasibility, product development, in-house test and production mold making.


With our experience and equipment, it enables us to produce multi cavity, high performance and high precision molds for our customers including unscrewing mold and thin/thick wall mold with/without IML.
We also help with Design for Manufacturing (DFM) guideline in product design and tooling feasibility and product development. We bring synergy between western mold technology and Asian advantages such as agility, flexibility and cost efficiency.

Household Appliance

We focus on decorative components and complex modular assemblies for household products including, but not limited to, coffee makers, pool cleaners, lawn mowers, shredder vacs. Our wide range of services cover Design for Manufacturing (DFM) guideline in mold design, tooling & manufacturing feasibility, product development, in-house test & production precise injection mold making.

2K products

2K, also known as 2-shot injection and double injection, it means two plastic materials are injected on the same injection molding machine and molded in two parts, but product is only molded once. 2K products are more considered to be used as they are environment protected. They make products colorful without painting and more beautiful without assembling. With technology and knowledge gained in the past years, we have more and more experience for 2K molds.

Technical parts

One of our advantages is to make molds with complex structures for technical parts. We have rich experience in using state-of-the-art cooling methods and ejection ways for the parts with limitations. It may contains mechanical slides/inner slides, lifters, hydraulic cylinders, rotate cores, unscrewing threads, etc.